Nothing Beats a Vital Health & Body

Vital Health & Body is unlike any other health center you have experienced.  We are a natural health and wellness center providing our patients with our leading FDA approved technology and the state of the art equipment, machines and body treatments.  We will help you heal, treat, strengthen and tone your body, cleanse the body and awaken the soul.  You will look and feel simply incredible!

Are You The Best YOU?

Vital Health and Body is the place to transform your life!

  • Would you like less pain, and better movement?
  • Do you want to get healthier?
  • Increase your flexibility & tone your muscles?
  • Rid your body of toxins?
  • Lose those unwanted pounds?
  • Are you an athlete looking to enhance your existing routine?

Let us help you find the right program to get you to your ultimate health and wellness

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Transform Yourself

Your Goals, made real

Our health and wellness program takes a comprehensive approach to your well being through achievable goals, with emphasis on healing, nutrition, physical fitness and your overall health.


Health & Wellness Evolved

Each unique program is structured to offer you our high-quality health and wellness experience:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Far-Infared Sauna
  • Massage Therapy
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Cold Laser
  • Kinesio Taping

Whether you are looking to reduce your stress, improve your posture, eliminate pain, strengthen and tone your body, return to an active life and cleanse your body and awaken your soul, we here at Vital Health & Body are here to help you achieve your goals.

What our Patients say

I have been going to Dr. John for numerous different injuries since he has opened his practice. One that stands out in my head the most is my wrist injury from computer use and being an ex-gymnast. I thought I would have the pain forever and after only a few adjustments to my wrist, the pain in gone. I continue to use a computer 9-12 hours a day and my wrists are in great condition, no pain. He gave me great tips for my office setup, desk/chair height, arm and wrist positioning and that has also helped to maintain healthy wrists. Dr. John is also great with apprehensive patients that may be nervous about chiropractic care. He is very calming and gentle. He has a children's play area and is patient and kind to kids too. And one of my favorite things about his office is that he has an excellent massage therapist that can be included as part of your treatment depending on your situation.

Jill R.
Yelp Review

Better than Advil. Dr. Marian has kept me and my family pain free for many, many years. He takes the time to explain his adjustments and gives advise on prevention. I'd recommend him to my friends and family ... anyone who needs relief from back/body pain.

Yelp Review

I have been treated by Dr. Marian for multiple reasons in the past. His knowledge and ability to communicate what is going on with the body and why are very insightful. I appreciate that he takes the time to not just fix the problem but offer ways of prevention as well. I recommend his services whenever I hear someone needs a great Chiropractor.

Paul R
Yelp Review

I have been a patient of Dr Marian now for over 5 years! I first went to him as I would get horrible migraines monthly. After years of struggling with medication and other doctors to no avail Dr Marian was able to make my migraines disappear! I have continued to see him through my pregnancies and after for various things - mostly kid injury related. He is a genuinely wonderful person who can also help your injuries. I would and have recommended him to my friends and family.

Fiona M
Yelp Review

I have been a patient of Dr. Marian for about 7 years. I recommend him highly. He is thorough, knowledgable and compassionate. Excellent Chiropractor!!! He really is as good as it gets!

Kristin F
Yelp Review

I've been a patient of Dr. Marian for 8 years now. I was in a bad car accident in high school and used to get terrible headaches and migraines. I've been to 3 other chiropractors without relief so it must be the technique he uses. The best thing is that whenever I call him with a migraine, he always finds time to squeeze me in!

Yelp Review

Dr. Marian really helped my golf elbow and also my wrist and arm from too much computer work. He is nice and caring. Highly recommend his services.  

Google+ Review

I am always amazed at the healing I feel after treatment from Dr. John Marian. My daughter and I have been treated here for back and ankle injuries. If you're in need of chiropractic services I highly recommend Saratoga Performance Chiropractic.

Facebook Review

They saved my career. I could not do what I love doing for a living if it was not for the treatment I have received here.

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